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Your internist is a doctor that will provide you with non-surgical treatment of your injuries and any diseases. You shouldn’t take your health lightly. Although most of the time small health issues are never more severe, it is important to have a trusted internist that can distinguish the difference and has the knowledge to make the correct diagnosis and recommend the proper treatment.

Your health is our number one priority and when you make your appointment with an internist they will be your first point of contact when you’re not feeling well, or you have any medical concerns you need addressed.

Your Health is Our Priority

If you’re in need of a reliable internist in Long Island then the offices of Dr. Ronald Fagan are here to help you with all of your medical needs.

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Dr. Fagan

Dr. Ronald Fagan is the head gastroenterologist, internist and primary care physician at LI Medical Group, which is located on the Hempstead...

Dr. Stuart Horowitz

Dr. Stuart Horowitz was board certified in family medical practice in 1985 and boasts nearly 30 years of experience working in Long Island. A Brooklyn native...

Dr. Marc Rybstein

Dr. Marc Rybstein is a Long Island native and received his Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry from New York University. There, he published multiple...

Dr Team

When you’re not feeling well you shouldn’t leave your health up to a professional who doesn’t care about their patients well being and only wants to rush you out of their office with little to no help. Dr. Fagan and his staff will ensure that you are seen in a timely manner and will give you all the options available to help you. If you are in need of an internist in Long Island then call us today at (516)752-7000.


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