Onsite Blood Drawing Test Bethpage Farmingdale, Hicksville, NY

LI Medical Group Offers Reliable Onsite Blood Drawing & Testing for its Hicksville, Farmingdale, and Bethpage Patients

During your annual physical, you will be required to take a blood test to check for certain conditions and diseases. Unfortunately, many physicians do not have in-office labs or a phlebotomist on their staff who can draw blood or perform any lab testing.

Usually, this leads to you having to go to another facility for blood drawing and testing, which is then sent back to your doctor for analysis. At LI Medical Group, we are happy to let our patients know that we perform onsite blood drawing test at our state-of-the-art Bethpage Farmingdale, NY facility.


Onsite Blood Drawing at LI Medical Group Tests for the Following:

  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Diagnose diseases and conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, and anemia
  • Ensure medications you are taking are working

We understand the importance of getting your blood drawn since an analysis of your blood can be used to diagnose any underlying conditions that you are unaware of. Our onsite blood drawing services in Hicksville, Bethpage Farmingdale, and other locations across NY allow us to quickly run the required tests and best recommend any future treatment while making sure we keep your medical records up to date.

What to expect during an onsite blood testing?

The onsite blood drawing may be required for various purposes. The process usually takes less than five minutes, depending on the test objective. Patients can expect the following during the test:

  • The patient will be seated in a chair and asked to straighten one of the arms.
  • The phlebotomist will use a tourniquet to tie the arm to identify the right vein for blood drawing and make it easier to collect the blood.
  • Next, the phlebotomist will sanitize the area before inserting the needle. Patients may feel a slight pinching sensation.
  • Patients are required to keep their arms still during the blood sample collection.
  • When the needed amount of blood is drawn into the syringe, the phlebotomist will remove the needle and put a small cotton bud on the area to prevent bleeding.
  • Patients are usually asked to keep slight pressure on the gauze until bleeding at the area stops.

How to prepare for an onsite blood drawing test?

A blood test is nothing to be afraid of. However, many people have a phobia of needles. In that case, patients should try some breathing exercises to calm down during the blood test. Following are a few tips to be well-prepared for your blood test:

  • Most blood tests may not require any special preparation. However, patients may be required to follow specific instructions such as fasting and avoiding certain foods, smoking, or coffee. So, make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • Also, make sure to arrive a few minutes early on the day of the onsite blood testing in Bethpage Farmingdale, NY. Make sure to get a good night’s rest before the test.
  • It is recommended to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water before and after the test. But beverages such as coffee and alcohol consumption must be avoided.
  • If you have any chronic conditions such as diabetes, make sure to bring a snack to eat after the blood test.
  • Avoid taking any medication as recommended by the physician.

Contact LI Medical Group for Onsite Blood Drawing & Testing in Hicksville, Farmingdale, or Bethpage!

It would be helpful if you didn’t have to be sent from one office to another to get blood work done when you can have it done conveniently, all in one location. LI Medical Group has an in-house, state-of-the-art lab to perform blood tests for our patients.

When you think of a practice that offers onsite blood drawing services in Farmingdale, NY, you should think of Dr. Ronald Fagan. Give us a call today at (516)752-7000. to make sure that you get all of your medical exams, and blood drawing done with us in one place.


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