Annual Physical Exams Bethpage Farmingdale, Hicksville, NY

In Need of an Annual Physical checkup? Trust Dr. Ronald Fagan of Bethpage Farmingdale, NY to get the checkup done!

Annual physical exams are the foundation of preventive health care. Your yearly physical can provide you with peace of mind for any underlying concerns you have about your health.

It also helps to build the relationship between yourself and your doctor, so they know best how to treat you and recommend more specialized treatment in case you need it down the road.

Your annual physical is an excellent way to catch any potential health issues before they can become more serious. When you need an annual physical examination performed in Bethpage, Farmingdale, or Hicksville, NY, you should turn to Dr. Ronald Fagan and his practice.


What is an annual physical examination?

An annual physical examination is a routine test that is usually performed by your primary care physician (PCP) to assess your overall health. It involves a series of tests that are performed to measure your wellness check and identify the risk factors for any potential diseases for early detection and prevention.

An annual physical checkup in Bethpage Farmingdale, NY is typically recommended for all patients over the age of 50. However, an annual physical may be required before 50 if you have any family history of chronic, cardiovascular, or other high-risk diseases such as breast cancer. Patients can discuss all their health concerns with our expert primary care physician and get expert health assistance at LI Medical Group. We have a well-equipped testing facility and a team of reliable internal medicine experts to handle all your healthcare needs.

What does an annual physical exam include?

An annual physical exam typically includes the following:

  • The doctor starts by collecting your medical history to determine which test might be needed other than the general-purpose tests for patients of a particular age. So, patients are required to honestly answer questions about their lifestyle and habits, such as smoking and drinking, for an accurate estimate of their health.
  • The patients’ vital signs, such as heartbeat, oxygen levels, temperature, blood pressure, etc., are measured during the examination.
  • The physical exam may also include heart and lungs screening
  • The patient has a full body check, including head, neck, and abdominal exams.
  • The annual checkup usually also includes a Neurological exam and stress test.
  • Next, the patients will be asked to undergo some blood tests to determine any risk factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and other risk factors for a stroke.
  • Depending on the patient’s age and gender, they may also need to get screened for various diseases which are particular to them, such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, etc.

If you have not had your annual physical exam yet, contact us to make an appointment today!

Reasons to Schedule for Your Yearly Physical Exam

During your annual physical exam, you’ll have your hearing, vision, and skin checked, as well as we’ll check your blood pressure, and draw blood and take urine samples for additional testing. We serve patients from Hicksville, Bethpage Farmingdale, and other areas in NY and help them with the following:

  • Prevent health problems
  • Update vaccinations
  • Review and renew any of your medications
  • Keeping your medical records up to date

Why Choose Dr. Ronald Fagan as Your Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Ronald Fagan, a well-renowned annual physical specialist in Bethpage Farmingdale, and Hicksville, NY has been a trusted and attentive primary care physician for years. He believes in establishing a relationship with his patients, so they feel comfortable sharing their health concerns with him, making it easier for him to best diagnose and treat them. Dr. Fagan ensures that your health concerns are being addressed.

If you require an annual physical exam near Bethpage Farmingdale, NY, or Hicksville, NY, look no further than LI Medical Group. Call our office today at (516)752-7000 and schedule an appointment with us.


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