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I have been a patient of Dr.Fagan for years. His entire staff from the the front desk to the medical assistants are always pleasant and professional...

Andrie Clemmons

Dr. Fagan was very knowledgeable and he provided a lot of information. In addition he listened to all of the concerns presented...

Daniel Noor

Just for having the dogs alone would be enough reason for me to go there. EVERY office should be allowed to have dogs allowed to...

Margaret London

Dr. Fagan was very friendly, I scheduled my appointment same day and was able to get blood work, an x ray, a sonogram and allergy...

Emily Shogan


4 Apr

Allergy Testing- Why And When Should You Go For It?

Allergy is a condition in which the immune system of a human body…

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17 Jan

When Should You See A Gastroenterologist?

A gastroenterologist is a medical practitioner who focuses on…

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Stroke Prevention | LI Medical Group
10 Oct

Learn Exactly How To Improve Stroke Prevention

A stroke is a potentially fatal medical condition that occurs when the blood…

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