Stress Test Specialist Bethpage Farmingdale, Hicksville, NY

Stress Test Specialist Bethpage Farmingdale, Hicksville, NY

Heart conditions can be very subtle yet sneaky that only show symptoms when under significant physical stress. Hence, cardiologists and primary care physicians at LI Medical Group employ advanced diagnostic techniques such as a stress test at their Bethpage Farmingdale center to ascertain any underlying heart conditions.

A Stress Test, also known as Exercise Test or the Treadmill Test (TMT), shows the heart’s function when performing physical activity. As the heart pumps faster to deliver more blood to the body during exertion, Stress Testing helps specialists determine any blood flow problems with the heart.

Dr. Fagan uses a TMT for relatively stronger patients to diagnose any early signs of coronary artery diseases.

What happens during a Stress Test?

A Stress Test usually requires a patient to walk on a treadmill or use a stationary bicycle. When the body is in exertion, the diagnostic technician and your doctor closely monitor your heart function and breathing. This test is administered in a controlled environment, so you can expect to be challenged with the speed and resistance of the exercise equipment. For those patients who cannot walk on a treadmill, your physician may give a drug that mimics the effect of physical stress.

Why is it done?

Stress Test Specialists administer this test to assess several things, including:

  • If you have been having recurring symptoms like chest pain, palpitations, breathlessness, etc., this test can help determine whether or not the root cause is a heart condition.
  • This test is also recommended to people with a family history of severe heart conditions. Getting an early diagnosis of a genetic cardiac disease can help your doctor make a treatment plan at the earliest.
  • Moreover, patients undergoing treatment for pre-diagnosed heart disease are also prime candidates for this test to assess the efficacy of the medication and any changes in heart health.
  • Lastly, treadmill tests have also been used for people struggling with obesity. This test can provide a clear picture to your physician and can eventually be kept in mind while curating an exercise plan fit for your heart health.

What precautions should be followed before a Stress Test?

At LI Medical Group, we brief our patients about all the safety measures to take before the test specific to their health condition. Apart from those, some standard precautions include:

  • Avoid heavy meals or drink nothing except water at least 4 hours prior to your screening. Do not consume any caffeinated beverages like tea or coffee before a Stress Test.
  • You may be asked to skip any heart medications you’re taking for ongoing treatment. However, consult with your doctor before doing so to confirm which ones to avoid specifically.
  • If you have trouble breathing and use an inhaler, don’t forget to carry it with you during the exercise test as you might need it after.

Dr. Ronal Fagan and his team of seasoned primary care physicians and cardiologists are happy to assist you in any health concerns you may have. LI Medical Group of Doctors Immediate Care is dedicated to serving the people of, but not limited to, Hicksville and Bethpage Farmingdale, New York. So, schedule your appointment with our team of specialists to get the best medical assistance.