Top 3 Reasons Why Annual Physical Exam Is Important for A Person.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Annual Physical Exam Is Important for A Person.

24, August, 2022

It’s great if you are healthy and have never been diagnosed with serious health conditions. But still, you need to spare some time from your busy schedule for a regular health check-up with your healthcare provider. Just like children, adults of all age groups (especially those 50 years old or older) can benefit from visiting their health practitioners to have annual examinations.

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Are you confused about whether you should go for physical exams or not? If so, here are three reasons that favor your decision to book your next annual preventive check-up today!

Help establish your health baseline.

Having annual physicals can give you insight into your current health. In addition, your health care provider can know about the potential risk factors for any disease you might be dealing with.

Have you heard about silent killers earlier? Well, they are diseases that have no symptoms at the initial stages but can become life-threatening conditions with time. For example, an annual checkup can discover the chances of developing health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or blood pressure that can be fatal.

Starting with your first annual checkup and continuing every year, your physical examinations can help establish a personal “health baseline.” Then, your doctor can easily predict unhealthy trends on time and provide the necessary treatment. So, you can save yourself from developing any severe risk factors for a chronic illness.

Stay updated with important preventive screenings.

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” You might have heard this old saying before as well. So, when it comes to preserving your long-term health, it is always better to take precautions and follow some preventive measures.

Annual physicals are a key to better health. You might be due for certain vaccinations, such as a tetanus booster shot, shingles vaccine, or an annual flu shot. So, maybe, it’s time for your next blood sugar or lipid profile test. Regular checkups can keep you updated about your vaccinations or health tests.

If you are a woman, you can go for routine preventive screenings such as Pap smear, HPV tests, breast cancer screenings, etc. On the other hand, men can go for colon or prostate cancer screenings. Generally, your healthcare provider can recommend what tests or screenings you need to undergo, depending on your health.

Learn about your chronic disease risk on time

Nowadays, many people are suffering from multiple chronic diseases. The statistics for chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney, and lung disease are troubling us. These conditions are the leading causes of death and disability among people.

Having an annual physical exam can allow your healthcare provider to-

  • Review your current risk factors for any serious health problem
  • Assess any change in your health that occurs since your previous exam
  • Identify your lifestyle choices that are contributing to your disease risks
  • Discuss effective strategies to manage the risk of any serious health problem

So, when it comes to minimizing the risk of developing a preventable chronic illness, annual physicals can prove a beneficial preemptive tool you can have.

Book your appointment for the annual exam now!

After reading about the perks of routine annual physical check-ups, you might also want to go for it. If so, you can contact us at L.I. Medical Group and schedule your annual physical exams with one of the best doctors in NY. Improve your overall health and stay protected!