Primary Care Physician in Bethpage Farmingdale, Hicksville, Long Island, NY

Dr. Fagan is Long Island, NY's Trusted Primary Care Doctor

Finding a primary care doctor shouldn’t have to be a difficult task. Your primary care doctor will be your first point of contact when you’re not feeling well. They will be the ones to refer you to other specialists if you require specialized care.

If you are searching for a trusted primary care doctor in Farmingdale, New York, then Long Island Medical Group and Dr. Ronald Fagan are here to help you with all of your medical needs.

The top Reasons That Dr. Ronald Fagan Should be Your Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Fagan is a trusted primary care doctor based out of Farmingdale. He believes in establishing and developing a long-lasting relationship with his patients so he can better understand the best way to serve patients. Dr. Ronald Fagan diagnoses, offers treatments, and performs the following for all of his patients:

  • Catch health issues early
  • Refer you to medical specialists
  • Performs routine screenings
  • Decreases visits to the hospital or ER
  • Knowledgeable of patients entire health history

He devotes his time to understand his patients' concerns and symptoms so he can ensure the continued health of all of his patients. When you're not feeling well, you shouldn't leave your health up to a professional who doesn't care about their patients’ well being and only wants to rush you out of their office with little to no help.

Call Long Island Medical Group and Make Dr. Ronald Fagan Your Primary Care Physician Dr. Fagan and his staff will ensure that you are seen promptly and will give you all the options available to help you. If you need a primary care physician in Long Island, New York, then call us today at (516)752-7000.

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