Top Rated – Internist in Bethpage Farmingdale, Hicksville, Long Island, NY

Dr. Ronald Fagan is the Leading Internist of Long Island, NY

Dr. Fagan is one of the leading internists on Long Island. Based out of Bethpage Farmingdale, he firmly believes in establishing and developing a long-lasting relationship with his patients so that he can better understand the best way to treat his patients and make the correct diagnosis. He devotes his time to understanding his patients’ concerns and symptoms so he can ensure the continued health and treatment of all of his patients.

Why you Need to See an Internist

Your internist is a doctor that will provide you with non-surgical treatment of your injuries and illnesses.

You shouldn't take your health lightly. Although, most of the time, small health issues are never more severe, it is essential to have a trusted internist that can distinguish the difference and has the knowledge to make the correct diagnosis and recommend the proper treatment.

Internists Offer the Following for Patients:
  • Comprehensive physical exams
  • Preventive, wellness screenings and immunizations
  • Treatment of simple and complex medical problems
  • Chronic disease management
  • Pre and post operative care
  • Collaboration with medical specialists

Your health is our number one priority, and when you make your appointment with an internist, they will be your first point of contact when you're not feeling well. They will also address any medical concerns that they find and refer you to specialized medical care.

Call the Trusted Internist of Long Island Medical Group

Dr. Fagan and his staff will ensure that you are seen promptly and will give you all the options available to help you. If you require an internist in Bethpage Farmingdale, NY then call us today at (516)752-7000.

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